"There are no other cases. This is the case.
There are no other cases. This is the case."
- The Verdict

     While running, Magnolia continued to work in L.A as a Writer & Fine Artist, including being published in Oxford, London’s Poetry Magazine, while making the gallery rounds. Her love of art prompted her to start a paint company, Art On The Run (Est.2017), whereby she throws fun & mindful art soirees. 


     As for her own fine art, it's based upon her poetry and is expressed as Narrative Contemporary done with acrylics on canvas. Magnolia's artwork explores the human condition of nature vs. mans creation, true love, the toils, process & joys of manifestation and the perspective in which we look at things. Classic & documentary films, film scripts, classical & jazz & world music, isolated sounds, psychology, faith, history, linguistics, speech-language pathology, graphology & philosophy, largely influence Magnolia’s artwork & writings.

     Her signature work is “In Search Of Sides.” This series explores the idea of looking at information and the world from all angles and puts to question how our perspectives, views, & opinion are formed based upon how things are presented to us. Each painting can be rotated on every corner to deliver a new perspective & a new painting for the viewer.

This ever-changing painting puts to question the fine line between what reality is vs. what it appears to be.



   Magnolia Lafleur is a storyteller who's been living and working in Los Angeles as a Contemporary Fine Artist & Writer for 10 years. She was born in Sacramento, California & raised in Guadalajara, Mexico & Omaha, Nebraska from a Panamanian mother & Trinidadian father. Her youth was riddled with the arts, craftsmanship, sports, strict etiquette, philosophy & writing.

       Magnolia attributes her success to her two Professor parents who dedicated themselves to curating a childhood filled with great discipline for developing one’s principles & callings. Most summers were spent doing book reports, performing plays on the living room floor w/ her siblings, arts & crafts, listening to music of all genres  (especially calypso & Latino music), watching movies and playing sports.

Having had a club with her two sisters & one brother, Magnolia's storytelling became enrichened & enlivened by the clubs constant engagement in the make believe world via making home movies, plays, and  writing & drawing stories. It was through this, she developed a love for film and storytelling so much so, that she narrated her first picture book at age 5 to her older brother Bing who drew all the illustrations.  Her love for film and writing would soon mature into a perfect marriage with painting.


    She attended CSULB acquiring a B.A. in Print Journalism, minored in  Communication Speech Forensics with an International Business Certificate from BUNAC in London, England.  Upon graduating & after taking a few jobs in the film industry in Beverly Hills & in London, England, Magnolia increasingly became drawn to the fine arts due to the minimal amount of people involved in the exploration and depiction of a story. Years of studying and watching film, made for a seamless transition for Magnolia to understand the stillness & movement of color, light, emotion & movement in a frame. In 2012  she became invigorated with painting & with great discipline taught her self to paint. Not too soon after, she felt her writings come to life; these scripted scenes, movie stills from her stories, unbothered, unretouched, abounding with textures & bursts of colors splashed on to an eager canvas.

       In 2011, she began her career as a Professional Track & Field Athlete for Trinidad & Tobago (one of the most competitive countries in the world to run for). As a Professional Athlete, she qualified & competed in top national & international meets all over the world including the Central American Caribbean Games, 2 World Relays,  North American, Central American and Caribbean Games, and two Olympic Trial finals under renowned Coach Bobby Kersee.